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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for Aurand Surface Preparation Tools. Here, you’ll find essential information about our range of high-quality, durable tools designed to meet your surface preparation needs. Whether you’re tackling a small project or a large industrial task, our tools are crafted to provide exceptional performance and ease of use.

What types of surface prep tools does Aurand offer?

Aurand offers a range of all-purpose surface prep tools, including electric and pneumatic models suitable for various applications. These tools are designed for tasks like cleaning, coating removal, and surface preparation.

What are the differences between the electric and pneumatic models?

Electric tools are available in 115 and 230 volt models and come with a 15-foot three-conductor cable. Pneumatic tools feature rotary type air motors and operate on 42 CFM at 70-100 PSI, designed to eliminate vibration for smoother operation.

Are there different sizes and power options for the tools?

Yes, Aurand tools come in multiple sizes and power sources, including 110V, 230V, and pneumatic options. They also feature a range of motor powers and cleaning area widths to suit different needs.

Can I get additional accessories for my Aurand tool?

Yes, additional cutter bundles are available for different models. There are also options for vacuum dust collection, wire brushes, and carbide cutters for M-Series units.

How durable are Aurand tools?

Aurand tools are built with cast aluminum housings and a hardened worm gear design, ensuring durability and many years of service. They are also designed to be lightweight and well-balanced for easy handling.

What features enhance the efficiency of Aurand tools?

Aurand tools feature a patented dual head cutter design, offering a larger working area compared to competitors. They also have an adjustable depth shoe for controlling cutter contact and impact, maximizing cutter life and ensuring uniform cleaning action.

Are Aurand tools easy to use in tight spaces?

Yes, the dual head design of Aurand tools allows for close operation near obstructions or walls in all directions, offering great maneuverability.

How quickly can I expect Aurand to ship tools, spare parts, or cutter bundles?

Aurand prides itself on quick and efficient service, usually shipping tools, spare parts, and cutter bundles within 24-48 hours.

Can Aurand’s tools be used on various materials and surfaces?

Aurand’s tools are highly versatile and can be used on a variety of hard surfaces such as metal and concrete, making them suitable for tasks like paint, rust, and scale removal, as well as surface preparation.

Is there a reliable customer service or support system for Aurand’s tools?

Yes, Aurand stands behind their products with a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction, ensuring that you receive the necessary support and guidance for the effective use of their tools.

These questions and answers aim to cover the essential aspects a new customer might want to know about Aurand’s products, ensuring they make an informed purchasing decision.

What is a Needle Scaler?

A needle scaler is a pneumatic tool that uses a set of thin, pointed rods – the “needles” – which rapidly move back and forth to chip away at unwanted materials on surfaces. It is highly effective in removing rust, scale, paint, and other coatings from metal surfaces. The intensity of the scaler can be adjusted to suit different materials and tasks, making it a flexible tool for various applications.

What is a Deck Crawler?

A deck crawler, specifically the Aurand M5-1 model, is a high-powered tool designed for intense surface preparation tasks. Its primary functions include removing rust and scale, grinding concrete surfaces, chipping away old paint, and aiding in general surface preparation. Its design caters to the demanding needs of heavy-duty work environments.

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