Aurand is the manufacturer of fine reliable tools, for surface preparation, scale and rust removal.

American-owned and operated, Aurand was founded in 1937 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and for over 75 years has consistently offered high-quality, reliable, and powerful tools for surface preparation and scale, rust, and paint removal. Aurand made their mark as innovators in maintenance solution tools during the Industrial Revolution. Since then, they’ve continued to prove their products set and lead the industry standards for ease of operation, efficiency, and versatility in the surface prep tools market.

Aurand estimates they have over 30,000 tools in use today all over the world– from the United States and Canada to South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Aurand’s surface preparation products are examples of the reach and longevity awarded to companies that focus on the quality craftsmanship of products that will perform for years.

A Legacy Cemented in Excellence

aurand us patent of surface prep tool in 1937

Rooted in Cincinnati, Ohio, Aurand stands as a beacon of resilience and innovation. Our journey has been nurtured through generational dedication, flourishing under the Evers Family since 1972, who continue to honor the tradition of family ownership and operations. Our manufacturing facility, heartened by dedicated American craftsmen, is where excellence is forged. Here, we not only craft but also ensure that our tools, spare parts, and cutter bundles are always ready to meet your needs, achieving a remarkable shipping turnaround within 24 – 48 hours.

Aurand’s Surface Preparation Products

Aurand’s surface preparation K-series and M-series are unique from competitors in both equipment design, performance, and results. The durability, strength, and versatility make both the K-series and M-series of products some of the most reliable surface preparation tools available to consumers.

The Aurand tools are used extensively in the marine and oil industries, and can be found aboard ships in many navies including the US Navy and the US Coast Guard.

Remove non-skid surfaces, paint, epoxy, stain, urethane or adhesive from:

  • Ship and barge decks
  • Oil platform surfaces
  • Marine towing equipment
  • Parking lot line removal
  • Bridge structures
  • Basements, patios floors & balconies
  • Retaining walls
  • Swimming pool surfaces
  • Removing Graffiti

Removal of paint, rust and scale from:

  • Ship and barge decks
  • Oil platform surfaces
  • Marine towing equipment
  • Bridge structures
  • Large pipes
  • Tanks and valves (interior and exterior)
  • Beams and girder
gunite pool resurfacing using aurand tools

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