Aurand® Tools in Maritime Industry: Real-World Applications and Use Cases

Aurand® Preparation Tools have established themselves as essential instruments in the maritime industry, offering effective solutions for maintaining and restoring vessels and offshore structures like oil rigs, tug boats, barges, and offshore rigs. Their tools, often referred to as deck crawlers or deck scalers, specialize in stripping away old paint and removing rust from metal surfaces, significantly extending the life and maintaining the integrity of these marine assets.

Removing Old Paint from Vessels and Structures

One of the fundamental applications of Aurand® Tools in the maritime sector involves removing old paint from the top decks of boats and other metal structures on vessels. The tools are expertly designed to handle the robust and rigorous paint stripping processes, ensuring that the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for repainting. This aids in the effective maintenance and restoration of the vessels, ensuring they operate efficiently and maintain a good appearance.

Rust Removal from Metal Surfaces

Aurand’s deck scalers excel in rust removal processes, a critical task in maritime maintenance. Metal structures, due to their constant exposure to harsh sea conditions, are prone to rusting, which can compromise their integrity and durability. The tools offer a precise and powerful solution for rust removal, ensuring that metal surfaces on various vessels, including oil rigs and tug boats, are kept in optimal condition, prolonging their operational lifespan and maintaining safety standards.

Deck Crawlers and Deck Scalers in Operation

These tools have been utilized across various vessels and structures in the maritime industry. For instance, in oil rigs, they are used to maintain the condition of the metal structures, ensuring they are free from paint that’s past its prime and detrimental rust. The same applications can be seen on tug boats and barges, where the tools play a crucial role in general maintenance and preparation for repainting and other restoration processes.

Alternative to Sandblasting

In a transformative stroke of genius, Aurand® provides a stellar alternative to traditional sandblasting. Their tools deliver similar, if not superior, results in surface preparation without the accompanying mess and expenses. This revolution in approach heralds a new era of convenience and cleanliness, allowing maintenance processes to unfold with a newfound smoothness, enhancing the work environment and the quality of outcomes.

Aurand® Tools provide practical and efficient solutions for essential maintenance tasks in the maritime industry, specializing in the removal of old paint and rust from metal surfaces across a variety of vessels and structures. Their focused application in real-world scenarios, such as the upkeep of oil rigs, tug boats, and barges, underscores their value and efficacy in sustaining the maritime industry’s operational standards and safety.

Marine surface preparation


  1. Effective Rust Removal

    Aurand® Tools efficiently eliminate rust from various metal surfaces on maritime structures, ensuring they maintain their strength and durability.

  2. Precision in Paint Stripping

    The tools are proficient in removing old, peeling, or flaking paint from vessels, preparing surfaces impeccably for new paint applications.

  3. Adaptability to Various Surfaces

    Aurand® deck crawlers and scalers can be used on a multitude of structures such as oil rigs, tug boats, and barges, showcasing versatility in application.

  4. Enhanced Longevity of Structures

    Regular use of Aurand® Tools in maintenance routines helps prolong the life of maritime structures, ensuring they remain operational and robust for longer periods.

  5. Time and Cost-Efficiency

    Compared to traditional methods like sandblasting, using Aurand® Tools can be more time-efficient and cost-effective, optimizing maritime maintenance processes.

  6. User-Friendly Operation

    Aurand® Tools are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that they can be operated with ease and precision for effective surface preparation.

  7. Reduced Maintenance Downtime

    The tools’ efficiency and effectiveness contribute to reducing the downtime required for maintenance tasks, enabling quicker return to operational status.

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