Bridge Construction and Maintenance through Superior Surface Preparation

In the crucible of highway construction, where enduring quality and safety are paramount, the meticulous preparation of surfaces becomes an undeniable cornerstone. Aurand® Surface Preparation Tools, with their unwavering commitment to excellence, embody the pinnacle of innovation and efficiency, playing a transformative role in the way highway construction projects unfold, particularly in dealing with steel bridges and various metal components.

An Aurand Model K7 Being used in service with the Ohio Department of Transportation to remove paint beneath an underpass.

Aurand’s mission is to provide the most reliable tools of the finest quality for surface preparation and rust removal. We strive to have absolute customer satisfaction.

Revitalizing Steel Bridges

Steel bridges are formidable structures, but they are also susceptible to wear, corrosion, and the passage of time. Essential maintenance, such as removing old paint and epoxy, is where Aurand’s tools shine brilliantly. With a deft combination of power and precision, they effectively strip away layers of aging paint and stubborn epoxy, unveiling a surface that’s primed for rejuvenation.

Aurand’s technology goes a step further, tackling corrosion with unparalleled efficacy. By removing corrosive elements from metal, these tools not only enhance the bridge’s visual appeal but also bolster its resilience against the elements, ensuring a longevity that is synonymous with safety and reliability.

Facilitating Flawless Welds in Construction

The integrity of welding joints is a determining factor in the strength and durability of highway construction projects. Aurand’s tools are instrumental in preparing steel surfaces for new welds, ensuring that each joint benefits from a clean, optimized surface. This meticulous preparation enhances the weld’s quality, driving up the overall structural integrity of the construction.

By creating impeccably clean welding areas, Aurand’s tools facilitate a process that is more streamlined and results in joints that exemplify strength and precision. The marriage between clean surfaces and expert welding techniques results in constructions that stand steadfast against the challenges of both time and environment.

Aurand® Surface Preparation Tools are not merely accessories in the construction process; they are powerful catalysts for excellence, setting the stage for outcomes marked by durability, safety, and quality. In the nuanced tasks of highway construction, from revitalizing steel bridges to facilitating flawless welds, our metal surface prep tools prove to be indispensable companions, driving projects towards unprecedented standards of success. Equip your construction endeavors with Aurand’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and experience the transformative impact of superior surface preparation.

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