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Surface Prep Tools for Scale and Rust Removal

The Ultimate Deck Scaler

Effortlessly conquer non-skid, epoxy, and all resilient surfaces with Aurand’s precision-engineered tools, where scale and rust meet their match. Over 30,000 Tools Sold!

Surface Prep Tools
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World Class Surface Preparation Tools from Aurand®

Aurand® stands as your go-to source for maintenance solutions, especially when it comes to removing paint, rust, or other hardened coatings, as well as for cleaning operations prior to recoating or repainting any hard surface. The Aurand® tools, renowned for their effectiveness, are extensively used in the marine and oil industries.

These robust tools can be found aboard ships in numerous navies, including the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. Additionally, our global reach is a testament to our quality, with Aurand® tools being sold and utilized by various international navies, showcasing our commitment to providing world class maintenance solutions worldwide.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Aurand Tools Remove Just About Anything
Those Aurand tools remove just about anything from every surface or should I say about everything fr...
Best Friend
Definitely a best friend for any swimming pool rehab job.
There is Only 1 AURAND Tool
There are many imitators and tools that try to be the best, but there is only 1 AURAND tool.
User-Friendly Surface Prep Tool
Most user-friendly surface prep tool and a definite requirement on all of our foreman trucks, now ev...
The Cadillac
The Cadillac of Deck Crawlers!
I Would Buy This Product Again!
Grinds paint off most any hard surface.

Aurand® Tools in Action

Aurand® Tools in Boating and Marine Industry

Aurand® Preparation Tools have established themselves as essential instruments in the maritime industry, offering effective solutions for maintaining and restoring vessels and offshore structures like oil rigs, tug boats, barges, and offshore rigs. Their tools, often referred to as deck crawlers or deck scalers, specialize in stripping away old paint and removing rust from metal surfaces, significantly extending the life and maintaining the integrity of these marine assets.


Aurand® provides a stellar alternative to traditional sandblasting. Their tools deliver similar, if not superior, results in surface preparation without the accompanying mess and expenses. This revolution in approach heralds a new era of convenience and cleanliness, allowing maintenance processes to unfold with a newfound smoothness, enhancing the work environment and the quality of outcomes.

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Power of Precision with Aurand® Surface Preparation Tools

Unlock the Potential of Your Surfaces

Deck Scalers and Crawlers: From pneumatic deck scalers to electric deck crawlers, each Aurand® tool is crafted for superior performance. Our deck scalers, including the renowned Aurand deck scaler and electric deck scaler, are essentials for effortlessly removing paint, rust, and coatings. Similarly, our deck crawlers, available in both electric and handheld versions, offer unmatched versatility for comprehensive surface preparation.

Surface Preparation Tools

Whether it’s for marine maintenance or industrial recoating, our tools, including the aurand deck crawler and marine scarifier handheld, are the preferred choice among professionals.

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Elevate Your Inventory with Premium Surface Prep Tools

Join our network of wholesalers and bring the unmatched quality of Aurand® Surface Preparation Tools to your customers. Benefit from competitive wholesale pricing, dedicated support, and the opportunity to supply a product lineup revered across industries for its robust performance and reliability.

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