Rethinking Pool Resurfacing: The Aurand® Advantage in Surface Preparation

In the world of pool maintenance and resurfacing, achieving a pristine and long-lasting finish lies in the hands of impeccable surface preparation. Pool owners and service providers seeking a flawless resurfacing for gunite and concrete pools can now turn towards a transformative solution – the Aurand® Surface Preparation Tools. These tools are expertly engineered to reinvent the traditional methods of pool surface preparation, offering an innovative approach that combines efficiency, affordability, and exceptional results. Explore Aurand’s remarkable range of tools.

Unlocking the Power of Handheld Precision

Diving into the preparation side of pool resurfacing, Aurand’s handheld tools emerge as a groundbreaking ally. The tools are specially designed to navigate the pool’s contours with precise adherence, ensuring that every inch of the surface is meticulously prepared. When it comes to removing old coatings from gunite pools, Aurand’s tools manifest their true potential, stripping away the worn layers with ease and preparing the pool for a resplendent new surface.

gunite pool resurfacing using aurand tools

A Superior Alternative to Sand Blasting

Choosing Aurand’s tools introduces you to a superior alternative to sandblasting in pool resurfacing. Their tools usher in a realm of convenience and cost-effectiveness without compromising on the quality of results. Utilizing Aurand’s technology allows for a smoother, less messy process, which stands as a remarkable advantage in the pool resurfacing journey. The elimination of excessive dust and contaminants translates to a cleaner work environment, enabling professionals to focus on delivering impeccable resurfacing results.

Revolutionizing Gunite and Concrete Pools

For those dealing with gunite and concrete pools, Aurand’s tools unlock a new horizon of possibilities. They facilitate the seamless removal of old coatings, enabling a pristine surface ready to embrace its new, refreshed appearance. This precise preparation ensures that the resurfacing materials adhere perfectly, fostering a finish marked by durability and aesthetic allure.

Revolutionize the pool resurfacing experience by embracing the unparalleled precision and efficiency of Aurand® Surface Preparation Tools. In a realm where excellence is defined by attention to detail, Aurand’s tools stand as pillars of innovation, driving the industry towards new heights of quality and customer satisfaction. Enhance the longevity and beauty of gunite and concrete pools by choosing Aurand’s tools – where groundbreaking technology meets unmatched results in pool surface preparation.

gunite pool resurfacing using aurand tools
  1. Adaptability to Pool Surfaces: Aurand’s tools, with their patented cutting teeth and adjustable depth shoes, are perfectly suited for the unique curves and surfaces of gunite concrete pools. They expertly adapt to any surface they clean and prep, ensuring thorough and uniform surface preparation.
  2. Efficiency: Aurand’s handheld tools deliver power equivalent to sandblasters, allowing for the effective removal of old coatings and surface imperfections. This leads to a cleaner, better-prepared surface for the resurfacing of gunite concrete pools.
  3. Edge-to-Edge Cleaning: The design of Aurand’s tools allows for edge-to-edge surface preparation, ensuring that every nook and cranny of the pool is meticulously prepared, resulting in a more uniform and consistent resurfacing job.
  4. Variety in Size and Power Options: Aurand’s tools come in various sizes, and electric and pneumatic models, allowing for the right tool to be used based on the specific needs and size of the gunite concrete pool.
  5. Durability and Longevity: Manufactured with precision and quality, Aurand’s tools are reliable, offering longevity and consistent performance over time, making them an investment that stands the test of time in pool resurfacing applications.
  6. Safety: Aurand’s tools are designed with safety in mind, allowing for effective and efficient surface preparation of gunite concrete pools without compromising the user’s safety.

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