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Aurand 90M Cutter Bundle 8″

Clearing Area

8” Wide

M-series Product Manual

Download Product Manual

Product Benefits

  • Effortless Surface Preparation: Experience the efficiency of handheld tools that rival the effectiveness of sandblasters, simplifying your surface preparation tasks.
  • Lightweight and User-Friendly: Our equipment is compact and lightweight, ensuring effortless handling and operation for optimal user comfort and control.
  • Revolutionary Cutting Teeth: Armed with patented cutting teeth technology, tackling traditionally challenging surfaces becomes a breeze, enhancing your operational capabilities.
  • Adaptive Cutter Design: Our innovative cutter designs seamlessly adapt to various surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning and preparation, maximizing your project’s success.
  • Versatile Accessories: Elevate your operational efficiency with accessories like stand-up handles, perfect for tackling vertical, overhead, and other challenging surfaces with ease.
  • Safety and Efficiency Assured: With a dedication to safety and operational efficiency, our tools ensure a reliable and secure usage experience, bolstering your project’s success.

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